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Parameters of the eruv:

The “Hudson Heights Eruv” is indicated in blue.  This eruv borders the YU eruv, indicated in green, and thus you can carry between the two eruvin. Please visit for the details of that eruv.
  • Areas to be careful:
    • The buildings on Bennett north of 192nd street may be accessed only from the entrances on 192nd or Bennett. DO NOT enter or exit those buildings from Broadway.
    • On Fort Washington north of 192nd, you may walk only on the west side of the street.
    • On 181st Street, the eruv ends at the entrance to 867 W 181st St (between Cabrini and Haven). The rest of the street (going west), is outside the eruv.

    • Fort Tryon Park and Margaret Corbin Circle ARE NOT IN the eruv.
    • The stairs on Fort Washington that go down to the A train are outside the eruv. The park that they lead to is also outside the eruv.

  • Going to/from the YU Eruv
    • You can cross Broadway on both sides of any street between 183rd and 187th, inclusive.
    • You should avoid carrying on 182nd between Broadway and Wadsworth.

  • Parks/Playgrounds in the eruv
    • Bennett Park, on Fort Washington between 183rd and 185th, is in the eruv.
    • Javits Park, on the North-West corner of 193rd and Fort Washington, IS included in the eruv (but North of 192nd, you should not walk on the east side of Fort Washington).
    • Dolphin Park, on Cabrini between 180th and 181st, is also in the eruv.
If the entrance to a building is in the eruv, then the building is in the eruv.

Please contact the eruv committee or the Rabbi with any questions regarding the boundaries of the eruv.

For Eruv Status: Visit or call (646) 450-ERUV or SMS (412) 213-8991

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