Rabbi Ezra Schwartz:

Rabbi Ezra Schwartz has served as Rabbi of Mt. Sinai Jewish Center since August 2009. During his tenure the Shul has expanded its offerings of high level Torah classes and inspiring tefilot, and has continued its extraordinary growth.

In addition to his responsibilities at the Shul, Rabbi Schwartz serves as a Rosh Yeshiva at  Yeshiva University, from which he holds five advanced degrees, including Yadin Yadin.  He also serves as the Bochen of RIETS / Mazer Yeshiva Program and coordinates RIETS’ program in Contemporary Halacha. For the past eight years he has been on the staff of President Richard Joel where he remains Assistant to the President for Research and Communications.

Rabbi Schwartz with his wife Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz and their five children are love being a part of the Mt. Sinai family and welcome congregants for Shabbat meals ona  regular basis.


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