There are some exciting new (and old) events here in education committee-land:

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Special Events


Mt. Sinai Resident Scholar Series continues! Join us on Monday July 18, at 8:45 pm in the Multipurpose Room for part 2 of this conversation:

Traditional Education Meets Modern Expectation-Differing Expectations in Contemporary Relationships, taught by Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz.

    • Differing expectations as to the role that men and women inhabit at home and in the world is often the source of much tension and conflict in relationships - marital and otherwise. These expectations are formed by our upbringings, religious orientation, and experiences.  Indeed, we may not be fully conscious of them. If expectations in this area are not aligned, the result can be significant discord and unhappiness. Drawing upon sociological research about how these issues play out in contemporary society, this series will explore the role that gendered expectations play in our ability to form stable and satisfying relationships.



Weekly Shiurim  

I. Rabbi Schwartz's weekly halacha shiur is will resume this Wednesday, July 18th at 8:45 pm.
II. Rabbi Schwartz's Shabbat Gemara Shiur on the second perek of Avoda Zara meets one hour before mincha. 
III.  The Gemara Be’Iyun shiur is on hiatus for the rest of the summer. We look forward to your joining us in September!
IV. Our Rambam Yomi program is underway!  Thanks to all who attended our kickoff event. As a community, we are studying perek a day of Mishneh Torah. The calendar for the learning schedule is available outside the Beit Midrash.  
    • As part of this program, there will be a chaburah led by various community members. 
    • An English translation of the Mishneh Torah is available here 
    • For more information, if you're looking for a chavruta, or have any other questions, email
Education Committee Information
I. All the Mt Sinai shiurim are available on our website,, under the "Torah" tab, or by clicking here . Feel free to check out our past shiurim! 
II. For more information or sponsorship opportunities, feel free to contact me at
III. We'd love to hear from you! If you have any ideas for lecturers or programs, please let us know. Email with ideas or feedback. 

IV. Here is a link to a Tehillim List where you can post and search for names of people who require our tefilot:

V. Please Note: All shiurim meet in the Beit Midrash.  

VI. Support Torah Learning at Mt Sinai: In 2010, The education committee organized approximately 85 lectures and events. You can help us continue to provide a breadth of programming through your attendance and your financial support. Please consider sponsoring the Education Committee at one of the following sponsorship levels. Donations can be made at the shul website,, (choose “education” from the google checkout drop down menu), or in the office. Sponsorship opportunities:

$2000............Scholar in Residence
$1500............Three Month Weekly Shiur Series
$1000............One Month Weekly Shiur Series
$500..............Seuda Shelishit Guest Speaker
$250..............Oneg with Speaker
$100..............Rambam Yomi Shiur


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