Eruv Committee

Yossi Mandelbaum (Co-Chairman)
James Wolfe (Co-Chairman)
Freda Birnbaum (Member)
Ellis Bloch (Member)
Talia Cottrell (Member)
Cheryl Gerber (Member)
Oren Hiller (Member)
Sefi Kraut (Member)
Racheli Rubin (Member)
Yossi & Carolyn Mandelbaum (Member)
Gila Stadler Polachek (Member)
Jesse Abelman (Member)
Avigayil Zemelman (Member)


This committee is responsible for the weekly checking and future development of the Eruv.

If you would like to volunteer to check the Eruv, please contact Ben or James as soon as possible.

To sponsor the Eruv, please contact the shul office at (212) 568-1900.

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